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Phil Harvey, Resourcing Manager at MomentumABM

Our services

Executive and corporate proofreading

At, we focus on executive and corporate proofreading for the most demanding of content needs: high-tech industries, cutting-edge thought, research, and implementation of large-scale government projects.

Content analysis

We don't just check the grammar. We carefully analyse your content. Then, in a collaborative and supportive way, through a process of dialogue between proofreader and client, we deliver the very best result for your message and content.

Sectors we have experience in

From cloud implementation to wearable technologies and ingestible IoT sensors; from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals and medical trials; from smart-city environments to long-term government self-service HR and security projects; from large-scale logistics processes to aviation maintenance regimes and travel booking technologies. Just some of the sectors we proofread for.

File formats we work with

PDF files and word-processing documents in Word and .odt formats are the easiest to proofread, and to deliver comments and suggestions with: proofreading may be up to 30% quicker using these formats. However, we work with the format you prefer: from PowerPoints and live websites to image files of all kinds. We charge by the hour - this is a common approach in the industry. In a graphics-rich marketing and content age, we don't charge per page - this would be unfair.

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